«He was in the water and drowning!» Miraculously rescued child

When you see this video, you will be very frightened, because all of us can get into such a situation. All the action took place in the St. Louis River. A diver who just decided to go fishing in the river suddenly became a lifeguard for a boy.

The man says that at first nothing foretold trouble. He went into the water and saw two boats, one with a father and a young six-year-old son in the other.

«At first everything was all right, but then the wind began to get very strong and the waves began to rage! The first time I looked, both the father and the child were fine, but the second time I couldn’t see either of them anymore. And just so you understand, the wind was so strong that I couldn’t even swim. A few minutes later I heard the baby scream and knew it was the boy.»

«He was in the water and needed help!», the boy said.

As you can see from the video, the boy is in a very bad condition and wants to find his father quickly. The kind diver brought the boy safely to shore and gave him the help he needed. Medical help quickly arrived with the child’s father. It turns out that the child just wanted to swim next to his father’s boat, but because of the strong wind, he fell into the water and lost track of his father’s boat. It’s a very good thing that this kind guy stumbled upon the child, for things could have turned out differently. It is good that in our world there are rare kind people like this man, who is not indifferent to the feelings of others. We are grateful to this guy for his kind soul!

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