Hero dachshund helps save St. Bernard

A dachshund called Razor heroically came to the rescue of a Saint Bernard who had been stuck in a cold, muddy ditch for about 18 hours. The Saint Bernard, nicknamed Jazzy, escaped from Tim Chavez’s home in New Mexico on Sunday afternoon.

Razor tried to warn Chavez that something was wrong on Monday morning when Chavez was going to work. But the dog’s owner said that at the time he did not realise that Razor was trying to let him know that something was wrong.

Razor was not about to leave his buddy and kept trying to get someone’s attention. He barked at his neighbour as well. But it was only when a passerby noticed Razor’s frantic barking that he went after him. Finally Jazzy was discovered.

«Razor swept across the field, along the irrigation ditch and appeared here,» said Chavez, pointing to the spot where Jazzy was rescued.

«This is the spot where Jazzy got stuck. She’s stuck here at least two feet in the mud.»

They quickly called for help. Eight men from the Belém Fire and Rescue Service arrived to pull the big dog out of the ditch. Using back straps and a long spine board, they managed to pull the big dog to safety.

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