Hero Dog rescues Feathered Friends from Alligator attack

Beauty, a black labrador retriever, is slowly recovering after saving her duck brothers from an alligator attack. Since they were tiny ducklings, the Beauty took care of Cross, Downie and Dot and treated them with love and care.

Once when the ducks got stuck in a thorn bush, Beauty stayed at the bush next to them until their owners found them..

Therefore, when an even greater and more frightening threat presented itself, this brave dog was ready to protect the ducks.

Beauty 8-year-old dog lives with her family and pet ducks on the shore of Lake Powell in Panama City Beach, Florida. The day of the attack began like any other. Beauty, as usual, looked after her feathered best friends.

But suddenly it became scary when the owner of Beauty heard sounds indicating that something had gone wrong.

«I just started to panic. I heard a noise and at first thought that another dog had entered the yard. It wasn’t barking of Beauty,» said Misty, Beauty’s mother.

When Misty reached the shore, she noticed that her ducks were clearly worried. Beauty was soaked through, and an alligator was lying on the sand at the water’s edge. Misty immediately realized that there was something wrong with the dog.

When she called her, Beauty couldn’t get up and didn’t move. So Misty immediately ran to Beauty, picked her up and took her to VetsPets Veterinary Hospital.

After Dr. Barr examined her, he realized that the Beauty was in bad shape. She suffered several serious injuries.

Beauty had massive soft tissue injuries and deep cuts on her back. She also had a broken leg and needed two surgeries.

Fortunately, this brave dog has undergone long and complicated procedures, and now she should fully recover in six to eight weeks.

To the great relief of her loving family, on September 29, Beauty finally returned from the hospital. This 16-day stay in the hospital seemed like an eternity. While she is still recovering. The beauty will be treated at home and be in the safe hands of her loving owner.

After meeting with the alligator, one of the ducks did not return home and was supposedly eaten.

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