Heroine dog saved the life of an infant

One day people saw a strange sight. A stray dog was walking down the street carrying an unusual thing in its teeth. When the dog approached people, they were frightened and moved away in the opposite direction. The dog was carrying a small child. It was a newborn baby.

Suddenly the dog approached one of the houses. A woman appeared from there. Of course, she was a little scared, too, but she found the courage to get close to the dog.

When the woman saw what was in the dog’s teeth, she immediately called an ambulance. It turned out to be a baby. In addition, the dog carried it so carefully that it did not cause any damage with its sharp teeth.

The baby was completely healthy. It was a little girl. The dog found her in a junkyard. The police are now looking for the mother who condemned her infant to death. After that incident, many people wanted to take the heroine dog away, but she chose freedom.

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