Homeless pit bull saved woman from knife attack

Pit bulls are charming dogs, but, unfortunately, there are many negative stereotypes about them. Pit bulls are said to be «aggressive» and even «scary.» But in general, this is not the case. Pit bulls are as loving and loyal as any other dogs.

A pit bull named Hero is a perfect example of this

Hero was just another stray dog trying to survive on the streets of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Suddenly he heard a noise on the street, and decided to go investigate.

Hero found a man attacking a woman with a knife. Despite the fact that he had never seen this woman before, his protective instinct kicked in and he immediately stood between the abuser and his victim.

For his brave act, the pit bull received five stab wounds.

Two police officers, Sergeant Timothy Clay and Constable Daniel Force, who responded to the incident, named the puppy a Hero for his bravery.

«We couldn’t let this dog suffer and die. We felt we had to help him after what he had been through,» Constable Clay said.

When Carla Welch heard the Hero’s story, she realized that she had to help the dog.

Welch owns the Anti-Bullying Pit Bull Rescue Fund. Thanks to online fundraising, she was able to help organize support to pay Hero’s medical bills.

«Most pit bulls are really protective,» Welch told Inside Edition. «When they feel danger, they immediately react to it. »

Welch says that even after everything he’s been through, the seven-year-old pit bull is still friendly and sociable.

Hero’s story quickly hit the news, and it quickly went viral. Everyone was amazed by Hero’s efforts to save a woman in need. Soon, requests for adoption began to arrive

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