How a man managed to save three kittens for his love of hot coffee

Canadian Kendal Divish loves coffee. Every morning he starts with a cup of the strong drink, picking it up at the gas station. Only after that does he go to work, which he considers a short journey. His way to work does indeed feel like a journey. After all, Kendal is an oilman, and every time he goes to work, he travels a long distance.

In the winter, when it was bitterly cold outside, Kendal, as usual, bought coffee and drove to work. The road was practically deserted. So dark spots on the snow-covered roadside caught the man’s attention. Kendal stopped the car and got out to get a closer look at his unexpected find. On the side of the road he saw kittens that had already begun to freeze into the snow.

After making sure the babies were alive, the man tried to take them into his car. But he couldn’t lift them, because their fur had already frozen into the ice. The coffee he had bought a few minutes earlier came to the rescue. The drink was still hot, so it easily melted the ice. Kendal picked the babies up from the road and carried them to the warm car.

The man understood that he needed to take care of the animals. So he informed his boss that he would not be able to come to work. At home, Kendal warmed and fed the kittens, washed them, and treated them for parasites.

For the first time, the kittens lived at Kendal’s house. But he could not take care of them all the time. After all, he was often away from home for many days because of his work.

The man began urgently looking for new owners for the animals. And very soon he found a family who wanted to take all three, deciding that after all the little ones had been through, they should not be separated.

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