How the sad cat from the orphanage has changed when he came into the family

When shelter staff place a ward with a family, they tell the whole truth about the animal. Not everyone is willing to take care of an animal with problems, so it is better to warn potential owners about them right away.

Animals can have problems not only with their health, but also of a psychological nature. The shelter staff also warns about the need for the assistance of a psychologist for the animal.

When the family picked up Fishtofer, the shelter workers immediately told them that the cat was depressed and often sad, but also affectionate and compliant.

The cat’s guardians hoped that love, care, and human companionship would help remedy the situation. The shelter workers were right, and soon Fishtofer changed a lot.

Fishtofer is a large, calm cat, which is how he was during his life in the shelter, and how he remained in his new home.

But it was as if the cat had never been depressed. Even the expression on his face has changed; it no longer shows the mournful expression.

The cat got rid of his insecurity and confusion, and now he feels important and smiles a lot. The owners say they often see Fishtofer sleeping with a smile on his lips.

The cat feels happy. He is surrounded by care, love and attention in his new family.

Now he has his own house, toys, there is always food in his bowl, and his owners spend a long time petting him and talking to him. This is the miracle all the cats in the shelter dream about, and people are able to make their dreams come true.

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