Husky almost lost his paws: the poor dog was living in a chicken cage

Georgina from Miami discovered a sad picture on her walk. She saw a chicken cage on the sidewalk, but instead of chickens, there was an exhausted dog inside. The dog was dehydrated, exhausted and unable to move.

Georgina immediately fetched water and noticed that the dog’s paws and fur were in terrible condition. She took the dog back to her house to help him. She named the dog Lucky and began to fight for his life in every way she could.

The veterinarian who treated the dog discovered that he was a husky and no more than 2 years old, suffering from starvation and not getting the necessary vitamins. The dog’s paws were not formed correctly and he needed special prosthetics to walk.

Even though Lucky was in terrible pain and suffering from inflammation, he trusted Georgina and always wagged his tail, happy for his rescuer.

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