Husky took his owner into the woods to show her the strange box. It was as if he knew what lay inside

A Husky named Banner was persistently calling Whitney’s owner into the woods. Usually the dog didn’t like to go far from home. This alarmed Whitney. She followed the husky and soon found the covered box in the clearing. It looked as if Banner knew what lay inside.

The box lay sideways in the bushes, as if someone had tried to hide it and then changed the mind and ran away. Whitney approached it cautiously. There was a rustling sound inside.

But Banner ran up to the box first and turned it over to the side. Inside, Whitney was surprised to see seven very tiny kittens at once.

«My house is in the middle of nowhere, by the woods. It’s strange that someone would bring the box here. How did Banner even know about it?» wondered Whitney.

Of course, the woman took all the kittens home. They had to be nursed. But Banner behaved like a real father and didn’t leave his new pets for a second.

Now the kittens will be looking for new owners. But not all of them — two will definitely stay with Banner.

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