It was raining hard outside when she found her happiness in the form of a little kitten

Katrina hurried home because it was raining hard outside that day. From afar she noticed a strange rat sitting and soaking in the rain. As she approached the wet gray lump, which was increasingly dissolving in a growing puddle, the girl involuntarily slowed down. She looked more closely and realized that it wasn’t a rat at all.

She took it in her arms and carried it home. The baby was very quiet and trembling violently. There was something magical in the silence between them, as if they were exchanging thoughts.

«You’re not going to hurt me?»


«You’re kind, aren’t you?»

«I don’t know.»

«But I love you already.»

That’s how their amazing story of love and friendship began. And most importantly, a priceless one. After all, every life saved is priceless. The kitten had not yet opened his eyes, and his umbilical cord was stuck to his tummy. He was still very tiny, since he had just been born.

Even after two weeks of regular feeding every two hours from a syringe, his weight was only a hundred grams. But he looked more like a kitten than a rat.

Soon the baby opened his incredibly beautiful eyes, which looked lovingly at Katrina.

Not only were the kitten’s eyes beautiful, but also his cappuccino-colored coat, which his owner enjoyed stroking so much.

The baby would fall asleep in Katrina’s arms and wake up there as well. So it was every evening and every morning. The kitten delighted Katrina, making loud purring noises that lifted her spirits for the whole day. She no longer drank coffee in the morning to wake up. She was fine without it now.

And after two months, the kitten already weighed one kilogram. He became very active and loved to help his owner with everything.

And a little later he grew up completely. He became a real cat and his fur got a little darker. Katrina adores this furry creature! She is grateful to the downpour and to God for their meeting.

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