Japanese family proves there’s no better pet for a baby than a giant poodle

The photos of one-year-old Mamé and her nannies, three giant poodles, went around the world a couple of years ago and became a source of enormous positivity and likes. Since then, the number of followers on the page of Mame’s grandmother, who is also the owner of the poodles and takes all the pictures, has exceeded half a million. But the main thing is that this Japanese family has a new addition and the new kid fits perfectly into the concept of big poodles being ideal pedagogues for children.

First Mame and now her brother Moogie. The three poodles have their hands full. They don’t just pose with the kids, they literally look after them. They are like dogs, guardians of order, and as a kind and intelligent creatures, friends of children. And poodles are the cast of stuffed animals, only alive. They are the optimal combination of soft fur, size and strength. It’s with the Chihuahua or Great Dane children would be uncomfortable, but with poodles just right. You want — play, and if you want — use it as a pillow, which Moogie just loves.

The oldest poodle, Kuo, is thirteen years old and, like a patriarch, keeps order, controlling both the children and the other dogs. Eleven-year-old Riku is Mugi’s best playmate, a cheerful and patient animal. And three-year-old Gaku is very useful when Mame needs to poke fun, release energy and mischief. Together, they create the perfect baby-sitting group, making life a lot easier for grandma and parents. And the new photos are the best proof of that.

Moogie loves to cuddle poodles, sometimes using them as a plush pillow.

And his sister is honing her hairdressing skills on them.

Indeed, looking at these photos, there is no doubt: large poodles are ideal caretakers of children.

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