Juanita from «Desperate Housewives» is not the same. What does this 20-year-old woman look like, and what does she do?

Almost ten years ago, the last episode of «Desperate Housewives» aired. The series has many fans around the world, and its characters, both main and secondary, have become very recognizable. Personally, in addition to the main characters, I had another favorite: curvaceous Juanita Solis, Gaby and Carlos’ daughter. Of course, the actress who played Juanita is all grown up now. She’s no longer a little 7-year-old ball. Now we’ll show you what Madison De La Garza, who played the little girl, looks like today.

Madison De La Garza made her first appearance on the show at the age of 6. The little girl was cast in the role of Juanita Solis. For almost five years, Madison has starred in the series (since 2008). Of course, it’s great that at such a young age, the little girl has landed a role in a popular project. However, it has also added problems for young Madison. Often, classmates aren’t very friendly to overweight people. And here, Madison is also a star of the show, so it’s a cocktail for bullying.

The young girl was bullied on numerous occasions. And because she was famous, even strangers could write offensive things to her on social networks. The young girl recalls that a long time ago, someone wrote to her on Twitter, «I hope you end up like a fat cow.» Of course, this had a negative impact on the young girl; she developed complexes. As a result, as a teenager, she was was almost always on a diet.

Over time, Madison came to accept herself and her body. She stopped having hang-ups, and although her figure is far from the 90s-60s-90s stereotype, the young girl has learned to love herself and even be proud of her body. She loves wearing short, fitted clothes, posing in bikinis and appreciating her true personality. I think Madison looks great now, she’s bright and colorful. And her figure has its own advantages.

Today, Madison is 20 years old. After the role of Juanita, she continued her film career. She starred in the sitcoms «Give Sonny a Chance» and «Very Bad Teacher». She also took part in the filming of «Princess Protection Program» with her sister Demi Lovato (yes, Madison and Demi are sisters). However, unlike her sister, who had the lead role, Madison only appeared in one episode.

In time, Madison realized that it was necessary to leave the world of cinema.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see her on screen again. For now, she’s studying screenwriting at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Fans of «Desperate Housewives» hope that Madison will one day write a screenplay for the sequel of the beloved series.

Did you like Juanita Solis as she was portrayed on screen by Madison De La Garza? If
we hadn’t told you who she was, would you have recognized the 20-year-old as she was in «Desperate Housewives», with her curves?

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