Kind firefighters saved a defenseless kitten who was stuck in a manhole

Texas firefighters immediately responded to a call after they were told a kitten was stuck in a manhole and crying could be heard. Residents in the Teravista neighborhood found a kitten crying from a storm drain in their neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is not the first stray kittens seen in the neighborhood.

Night fell, and this kitten had little time. Heroes firefighters are sent to help the kittens. We should respect them because these men not only put out fires, but also save animals in distress. They removed the storm drain cover and offered the best plan to find the frightened kitten.

It took about two and a half hours before the rescuers were successful. After numerous attempts with various devices, they caught the kitten with a net. Of the many people gathered around what was happening, one family welcomed the kitten and took it into their warm home to spend the night.

The next morning the kitten was scheduled to be taken to the local animal shelter, but there is still no concrete information as to whether the kitten is there. We hope the family changed their minds and took care of this cute creature in their home.

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