Kittens find the cutest little caretaker, who has lived with cats since birth

Since Ash has always been around animals since childhood, he has become the cutest cat guardian.

His mother, Atina, is involved in animal rescue and is the founder of the New Jersey Kitty Rescue Network. Thus, the young girl seems to have inherited her love for cats to her son.

Some of the cats living in Athens and rescued have special needs, which is why they put so much effort into helping them.

The cats seem to have had a unique affinity for Ash since birth, so much so that Lieutenant Dan, a cat with paralysed hind legs, did not hesitate to make friends with him. «He was Ash’s first feline friend.»

A few days later, other cats gathered around Ash, who took turns keeping company with their new foster brother.

One of the cats, Casper, was constantly aware of what Ash was doing and offered to look after him while he napped.

Atina regularly brings home cats in need to adopt them, but one day she saw how her son was fond of them.

«We allowed him to kiss and stroke them under supervision when he was a year old.» They were different from the older cats, and Ash was well aware of that. He was amazed by them.»

The kid always saw his mother cleaning and feeding the kittens, and wanted to help them and make sure they were safe.

As he grew older, he developed a sense of duty and Atina gradually taught him to be kind to all the kittens.

Ash has learned to treat them very gently, giving them kisses, caresses and all the love he is capable of.

Ash is able to give sensitive and loving affection to the kittens under his mother’s care, and he has become the youngest caretaker in the family.

«Even though he loves them, he is still a small child and is always learning something new.»remarked Athina.
The kittens adore their guardian and purr loudly when he strokes them and even try to grab his neck to get closer.

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