Kummakivi. A giant stone was found in the forests of Finland: 8,000 years ago it looks as if it was lifted and placed on purpose

In the middle of the deep forests of Finland stands one of the strangest rocks in the world. The giant boulder Kummakivi is supported on a thin base and does not fall down even under pressure. About 8000 years ago, it looks as if someone picked it up and put it there on purpose — and it weighs more than 500 tons.

The stone is five meters high and seven meters wide and stands on a perfectly smooth cliff. The legend, widespread among the locals, that Kummakivi was allegedly brought and placed here on purpose, comes from this.

Geologists believe otherwise. Kummakivi-like rock formations are known to science as «precariously balanced rocks» (PBR). Scientists see them as a kind of seismometer — the very existence of balancing rocks shows that the region is not seismically dangerous.

This region of Finland was once completely covered by a glacier. About 8,000 years ago, the glacier receded, leaving behind Kummakivi, an impressive natural monument,» explained Roberto Corrie, a doctor of archaeology from Birmingham.

From the outside, however, Kummakivi does look like an object that was «brought» here and carefully placed:

There are not many such objects in the world. Almost every one of them has a legend behind it — of course, about the giants who once walked the Earth.

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