Letter from a veterinarian to a man who put a nail in his dog’s food

Police officers asked for caution because someone had set up traps for stray animals, in which both stray dogs and pets on the loose were caught. The police asked to watch what was happening and to call law enforcement officers immediately if anything suspicious was found. In a few days, a dozen sausages stuffed with nails were found scattered around the city. This is a very cruel way to take control of a stray animal situation, which should quickly mobilize the community on its own. We came across a letter from a veterinarian that showed how this situation affects professionals.

«A ten-year-old boy was crying and couldn’t stop. He came out of us shattered. He was walking in the park with his dog and he swallowed a lure that someone had put a nail in. The child carried his pet in his arms to us, hoping the doctors would help. We immediately operated on the dog, but despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that he will live, the nails had managed to seriously damage his intestines.»

«Those who hate dogs so much that they are willing to kill them, have you ever thought about all the consequences? You think you are killing a dog, but you are also morally killing a child who treats his pet as his best friend. You are killing that child’s family and acquaintances, forced to watch him suffer and unable to comfort him. You kill the veterinarians and clinic staff who do their best to save the animal, but are often powerless.»

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