Little dog left behind by his owner dug a hole to stay there forever

This small dog had recently been seen often near one of the dumpsters. The dog was untidy, and it became clear that its owners had thrown it out into the street. For several weeks, people noticed a small shaggy animal that would run up, take food and then immediately disappear.

The dog is quite small, the size of an adult cat, and looks like a beaver. The animal dug itself a hole and spent time in it, apparently deciding that this is where it would meet its last moments. Dogs can also lose hope and the strength to wait.

The girl who rescued the dog referred to its shelter as a «death pit.» When she first heard about the new animal, she immediately thought there was nowhere to take it. There have been no places at the free shelters for a long time, and the paid ones have recently run out as well. All of the volunteers also have several animals at home that need to be rehomed.

Despite the arguments of reason, her heart pulled the girl in search of the dog and soon she was already walking through the dumpster, trying to find the baby. The dog did not immediately respond, people must have hurt it more than once. Within a few days the girl managed to make friends with the animal.

When she took the dog in her arms, the dog was so light that the first thing the volunteer thought about was that a couple more days and the dog could stay in its hole forever.

The dog’s long hair was matted and did not allow her to determine her sex, and the smell was unbearable.

At the clinic, the dog was immediately tidied up, as the tangles were pulling at his skin and causing him pain.

After the haircut was completed, it became clear that we were facing a boy, about five years old. We also realized that we could not avoid serious treatment.

Klepik, as we called the dog, was taken to the vet for a checkup. The first thing the doctor did was solve the problems with his teeth, unfortunately, we had to remove 12 of them to do so. Most of the teeth were rotten, sore and prevented the animal from eating properly. The remaining teeth were cleaned and the dog was also neutered right away.

To cope with his skin allergies, Klepik received several injections, prescribed a number of medications and medical procedures.

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