«Live long, Winston!»: a cat with a serious illness escaped euthanasia and pleases the owner every day

This cute cat turned out to be seriously ill. He was diagnosed with heart murmurs and heart failure. After learning about this disease, the owner asked to put him to sleep. He explained that a pet with such a dangerous disease is unlikely to live more than six months…

Fortunately, the organization Perth Rescue Angels rightly decided that the glorious cat has the right to live, no matter what!

Котенок в клетке

That is why the cat, who was named Winston, fell into the hands of Sue. The woman planned to take him only for overexposure in order to find owners for the cat. She herself had health problems, so she was preparing for surgery and did not think to detain her pet.

Котенок на покрывале

«I’m taking him into my house only temporarily!» said Sue to the shelter workers, hoping that everything would be exactly like this. At that time, she could not imagine that she would become so attached to Winston that she would not be able to part with him anymore!
It so happened that a few years ago a woman already had a cat with about the same pathology. Like Winston, her pet named Tiger was left all alone and was found in a plastic bag. Sue also took him for overexposure, but could not resist the charm of the kitty and realized that he would live with her on a permanent basis!

Заинтересованный кот

After Winston’s appearance, the owner admitted that she felt inspired. She underwent surgery, which, fortunately, was successful, and the cat strongly supported its owner. She’s on the mend, and the cat feels much better!
He has no pain. And medications allow him to maintain his condition at the proper level, and Sue is sincerely happy for the pet.
By the way, not so long ago he had more responsibilities. The cute cat now looks after the kittens that its owner takes for overexposure. He turned out to be an affectionate and loving boy. So the woman boldly trusts him with babies.

Кот сидит

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