Mama cat reacts when newborn puppy placed next to her kittens

Like human children, kittens and puppies need the care of their mothers in order to thrive. However, in the absence of a mother, these little animals need a foster parent. Sometimes people step in to help with feeding and basic care. But providing the love and constant care that these babies really need is a job relegated to a different type of mom, a foster dog or cat mother.

In most situations, one of the first things a newborn puppy does is to greet the other puppies in the litter and cuddle up next to them. However, this puppy didn’t have that luxury

Thanks to the humans in the household, the first animal he got to meet was actually the family cat.

They brought him over and set him down into a cardboard box where the cat was waiting. It made us a little scared watching because we had no idea what would happen.

According to the Animal Humane Society,it’s recommended that you wait several days at least before introducing new pets with each other. However, this family didn’t follow the rules.

This cat had recently had her own litter of kittens. But she proved there’s always room for one more as she accepted this newborn puppy into her brood.

As soon as the little pup is placed under her nose, the cat’s maternal instincts kick in. She instantly takes the little thing under her wing alongside her kittens. The puppy will have both love and milk from the mother cat.

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