Mathilde Klein is 94 years old, but she dances like she was 20

Dance has no age. And one can always do it. This video proves it. 94-year-old Matilda and her young partner, Danny, danced to the point where the audience erupted in applause.

And who would have thought, when she came out with the help of her walkers, that this beautiful, active dance would be so rousing!!! Grandma would give the young ones a head start!!! The performance began with the song «Dancing in the Rain,» and then the audience was in for another great surprise!!!

However, she performed a very active and rousing dance. Such a grandmother showed the young people what it is to be active at any age. She performed so incendiary that the audience was in a stupor. The audience could not even imagine such a performance, because it was able to really surprise.

That’s the way to dance! The audience was just stunned by the amazement! The audience just didn’t expect that. Fantastic performance!

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