Meet Mart, the Got Talent winner, who performs the wonderful “Unchained Melody.”

After competing in the eighth season of “Holland’s Got Talent,” Dutch singer Mart Hoegkamer was able to experience major and many accomplishments. Despite finishing in second place, he secured a record deal with Sony Music, which helped him establish himself as a well-known star.

At this performance, Mart managed to passionately and powerfully perform a timeless cover of “Unchained Melody” by The Isley Brothers. He looks stylish in a black suit, white collared shirt, and white tennis shoes.

He climbed about 20 feet above the podium as he began to speak. He was supported by backing singers, guitars, keyboards and drums. Amazing light shows and various smoke machines lit up the arena.

Behind him, numerous glowing letters with his name MARCH were flaunting on the stage. The crowd continued to sing and chant to the classic tune. The couples could only be seen dancing together, full of love.

Mart has participated in numerous tournaments for a long period despite his youth. He first entered the “Kids Sing With Stars” competition when he was young when he also managed to place second.

The well-known Dutch singer has accelerated his ascent to stardom. His talent and theatrical presence are fully on display during this performance. Particularly after he hits his most recent and best score, the crowd erupts in jubilation.


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