«Message in a collar»: man rescues dog and discovers note that stunned him

Noticing that the animal was in danger, Lionel Keith Vitaling stopped the car. The man got out and walked toward the dog, keeping his eyes on it.

Maybe the dog had been on the street long enough to lose his faith in humans. The animal did not react at all to Lionel’s call. It looked at the man wary, even though he wanted to help it.

Lionel found a safe place and beckoned the dog there. He tried to show the animal that he did not intend to hurt it, trying not to move so as not to inadvertently frighten the animal, which looked at the man with distrust.

The man and the dog stared at each other for 10 minutes before the animal decided to approach the man. As the dog approached, Lionel saw that it had a note attached to its collar. The man rejoiced. He decided that the animal was lost, and the note would give him the address of the owners, who had lost their way looking for their pet.

When Lionel removed the piece of paper, he realized that it was not a short note with an address, but a whole letter. From it he learned that the dog’s name was Siggy, and that its owner had sent it to live on the street because he could no longer keep it. The letter asked whoever found Siggy to pick her up.

The former owner described the dog as neat and calm, knowledgeable and obeying a command, and assured that Siggy never makes a fuss over little things, so she would make an excellent guard.

At home, Lionel had his dog waiting for him, who might not like the idea of a companion. The man understood that finding a new family for Siggy quickly would not be easy. Despite all the problems, Lionel picked up the dog from the curb and took her home, where bathing, combing, and a full bowl of food awaited her.

Fortunately, Siggy quickly found a home, because Lionel’s brother immediately wanted to take such a beauty. Now Siga has loving owners and even her own small room, which was equipped for her under the stairs in the new house.

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