Now he is not alone: an old dog became a guide for a blind Stafford

An elderly dog became a guide and companion for a puppy who had lost his eyes. Thanks to this support, the dog bravely accepted his health situation and got used to living without eyes.

Amos is a Stafford who was born in a shelter for homeless animals. His pregnant mother was found on the street by volunteers and taken to the shelter. A few days later, the dog gave birth. Eight puppies were born, but five of them died. Only 3 of the babies survived. Amos was blind from birth. But despite this, the puppy was very cheerful and playful. He was adored by all the staff at the shelter.

A female volunteer, whose name was Jess Martin, took the puppy temporarily into her home. She took the baby to the veterinary clinic for a checkup. The doctor found Amos had a detached retina.

The dog had blood pressure problems and suffered from headaches. Also, the dog could not blink, which contributed to the damage to the mucous membrane of his eyes. The veterinarians tried to «put» the retinas back in place. After several unsuccessful attempts, they realized it was impossible.

From the doctor’s lips came a dreadful verdict:

«Amos must have his eyes removed.»

At the age of eight months, the puppy was completely blind. Amos needed Jess’s help more than anyone else. The woman understood this and gave him the support and care he needed.

Jess had another ward, an old dog named Toby. Jess was worried that Toby might be hostile to the puppy. But things turned out differently. When Toby saw the baby he took pity on the puppy. Toby became Amos’ guide and good friend.

Toby had previously served as a «therapy dog» in a nursing home. After he aged himself, he was placed in the care of Jess. For eight years, the dog lived in the volunteer home. Jess took care of him. Still, Toby sometimes got homesick because he was the woman’s only pet. Now he is happy to have found a friend. Toby brings Amos some drinking utensils and helps him get his bearings. Thanks to Toby’s efforts, Amos has come to terms with his misfortune and realizes that life goes on.

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