On the way home, the woman found a brand-new suitcase locked on the ground and it was moving

An incident occurred in Great Britain with Casey Sheridan. After taking her daughter to school, she drove back home. Not far away she found a brand-new suitcase, as if it had just been bought in a store. Of course, in these troubled times it is strictly forbidden to touch such things. But Casey couldn’t help her curiosity and went over to the suitcase. She knew at once that there was someone alive in the suitcase, for it was trembling.

And indeed, when Casey opened it, she saw two kittens in it. From the look of the suitcase inside, and it had red spots on it, those kittens had been born in it. They came into the world in that case and almost died in it. That is the fate.

She also saw a small piece of paper in her suitcase that seemed to confirm the poor work of animal welfare organizations. On the piece of paper was written:

«Help us! I called many shelters, but they all refused to help. This was the only way I could think of to get rid of the pets.»

Casey couldn’t keep the babies and took them home. She tried to repeat the experience of the previous owner and called all the shelters, where she was refused. Then the woman took the kittens to the veterinary clinic, where they were examined. After that, she asked her friend, who has a lot of experience with cats, to help. At this time, Casey will be looking for new owners for the babies.

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