Owners have turned their dog into Hannibal Lecter so he won’t eat grasshoppers

Texas resident Megan Lasuzzo, 32, and her husband discovered that their French bulldog named Olive had very specific tastes. The dog loves to catch and eat grasshoppers, which instantly upset his stomach. So the owners had to take immediate action.

They bought Olive a special mask that makes the dog look like a tiny Hannibal Lecter, the famous psychiatrist-killer from the Thomas Harris novels.

«The mask prevents Olive from grabbing grasshoppers. But it allows her to open her mouth and breathe normally, even while running.»

Megan and her husband had noticed that Olive was having stomach problems after every walk as early as last year. But they didn’t know what was causing it. Then they began to keep a close eye on the pet and realized it was all her passion for raw grasshoppers that was to blame.

Now Olive walks only in her little maniac mask. But her owners hope that sooner or later they will be able to wean her off insect hunting so that she can run around outside without any restrictions.

«We continue to work on fostering. But at the moment she still wants to grab and eat every grasshopper she sees.» Megan said.

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