Parrot-singer: a bird sings a complex song so beautifully that you can even make out the words

You can find a lot of funny videos about pets on the Internet right now. Very popular are those where pets do something very unusual for them, thus showing their new talents. We are used to such videos that we are not really surprised. But this will really amaze you!

Parrots are known as funny pets that can always make their owner laugh and cheer him up. Indeed, their appearance alone and their motley coloring make you smile. Just look at what this parrot can do. Many parrots can speak or sing in their bird language, but this one does it in our language!

He actually sings a song in which you can clearly make out the lyrics. His magical voice is mesmerizing! His owner must have taught it to him for a long time. It takes stamina and patience to develop such a talent. It is so amazing that animals have such talents!

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