Passersby walked by a lame dog, but a woman decided to help him

A resident of the English town of Gloucester found this baby on the street. The little frightened creature could not move normally. Her front leg was injured and crooked. When the woman saw the puppy’s condition, she immediately contacted the local shelter.

The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats shelter agreed to pick her up. There she was found to have no microchip and it was determined that her previous owners most likely had left her on the street. The paw deformity was serious, and the dog needed proper care. Perhaps afraid of the responsibility, people just threw it away. The little cocker spaniel was given the nickname Winnie and she began to be rehabilitated.

Winnie is a very sweet, affectionate and friendly creature. Now the shelter staff is raising funds for her treatment, and the dog herself is exploring the foster home every day, playing a lot and just enjoying life. Thank you for saving this miracle!

Unfortunately, the poor thing has such a severe deformity of her foot that in the future, according to veterinarians, it will have to be amputated. Right now Winnie is under care at the shelter — she is being taken care of, physiotherapy and support. She will be ready for surgery in about three months, so the custodians are actively engaged in her care and socialization.

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