People adopted a puppy thinking it would always be small

Bennett and Ollie did not originally intend to have pets at all, as they just wanted a quiet life together and to travel. However, one day Bennett went to take out the garbage and suddenly heard strange noises right from the container. There he found a box where a puppy was sitting. Bennett called Ollie, and the couple decided they had to take the poor dog in.

The puppy turned out to be very calm, but at first he was very sad. He was named Bobby. The couple didn’t know dog breeds, so they thought their pet would be a little dog forever. However, they soon realized they were wrong.

The very first mistake was the puppy’s character, which turned out to be not calm, but flighty and even quite naughty. When the couple moved into their new home, Bobby showed them everything he was capable of. The first thing he did was chew up the couch, some of his shoes, and the tent. The pet snatched things from cupboards and tables, running around with them and smashing, tearing, and breaking them.

The second mistake was the size of the dog. In the beginning Bobby gradually increased in size, and it was not very noticeable. Ten months later, however, the tiny puppy suddenly turned into a small pony. This was a turn of events that Bennett and Ollie had not expected. They admitted that they don’t even know what they would have done ten months ago if they had known very well how huge their doggie would turn out to be in the future.

However, the couple did not regret taking Bobby in, as they could not have done otherwise with the poor little puppy. Despite his rather large size and challenging personality, Bobby became the family’s favorite.

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