People put a camera on the farm and saw that a leopard came to the cow every night

The chances of encountering wild animals in India are high, but predators prefer not to come close to homes. Residents of Gujarat, a small village, noticed a wild cat walking through the streets at night. After following the leopard, people found out that it came to the village to visit a friend.

An adult predator appeared in the village, scaring the domestic animals. People did not let the cattle out of the stables. Soon the village was visited by special services, they caught the predator and took him to the forest.

Soon the residents of the outermost house in the village contacted the specialists. According to the villagers, a young leopard came to their house at night, sneaking into the cow’s stall. The animal was not harmed by the predator, on the contrary, he behaved as his friend.

The story was so amazing that they decided to test it for the truth. They put a camera on the roof, which showed that as soon as it got dark, the leopard came to the cow, and the cow was glad to see him. After lying next to him, the animals fell asleep.

Most likely, the leopard got to know the cow when it was a baby, so it did not perceive it as prey, but as a good friend. The cow also did not know that the leopard is a dangerous predator, so it reciprocated its friendship.

As time passed, the predator began to appear in the village more and more rarely, and then disappeared altogether. It is most likely that the search for prey forced him to change his habitat.

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