People rescued a dog who was living in the snow with 6 puppies. And this super mom didn’t abandon them no matter what!

Not only people can earn the title of heroine mother — sometimes animals also claim this award. One such supermother is a dog named Snowbelle, who was found in the snow near Red Lake, Minnesota, along with her six puppies. Despite all the hardships Snowbelle endured, she did not abandon her children.

Random people found a dog with 6 puppies in the woods — they were living right in the snow.

The animal and her pups were found near Red Lake, Minnesota, in the U.S. state of Minnesota. The find was immediately sent to the local Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue shelter, which took care of the dogs.

From the looks of it, the pups were about three weeks old and spent all that time out in the cold.

The dog was named Snowbelle. According to shelter workers, she gave birth to puppies during a snowstorm. Despite the cold, the mother stayed on site with the children, and they lived like that for almost three weeks until people found them.

When the family was brought back to the shelter, it turned out that Snowbelle had no milk for the babies.

She spent all this time with her puppies even though she had nothing to feed them. But thanks to food, warmth, and a roof over her head, the dog quickly got milk and was able to feed her puppies.

The puppies are a little older and some of them have already found new homes.

But the rest of the babies won’t stay at the shelter for long either — there’s already a line for them.

Snowbelle has been dubbed a supermom, because she has not abandoned her children in a difficult situation.

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