People wanted to buy a luxurious house, but when they entered the basement, they were stunned

The mansion is located in the American state of Rhode Island. The property was put up for sale for the first time, and the owner expected to get $4.5 million from its sale.

For that money, the buyer gets a colonial-style main house with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, ten fireplaces, a luxurious library complete with floor-to-ceiling shelving, a music room and a two-story kitchen.

The four-acre property also has a guest cottage, a lodge with a pool and a tennis court.

And now let’s move on to the most interesting part — and that’s the basement, which hides a whole secret city. When you enter it, it’s like being transported to another era.

There are several stone-lined streets along which are illuminated storefronts imitating stores, hotels, post offices, administration buildings and beauty salons.

You can watch «Mary Poppins» and «The Exorcist» at the movie theater.

And there’s a massage and tattoo parlor hidden in the alley.

A hidden door leads to a small garage for cars. There are several of them here — and all of them, despite their antique appearance, are in working order.

The owner of the mansion, according to realtors, has a great sense of humor. He wanted to turn an ordinary basement into something unique. The teenage children liked the idea — more than once they threw parties in the «secret city».

Everything is so realistic that it feels like walking through the city. Even the ceiling is painted dark to imitate the night sky. It’s perfect for quarantine!

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