Pilot surprises his mother in mid-flight over the loudspeaker and she bursts into tears

When you get on a plane, it is common to hear the captain talking over the intercom, either to give directions to the passengers or to inform them about the status of the flight, as they always try to keep them up to date with the trip.

However, there are specific occasions when passengers ask for a special message to be given for a birthday, a wedding anniversary or even a marriage proposal. On this occasion, the one who gave special words was the captain of the flight, who wanted to surprise his mother, who was on the plane.

Michelle A. is a pilot who works for United Airlines and a few days ago an emotional video became popular on social networks in which we can see an elderly woman on board a plane waiting for takeoff, when suddenly the plane’s loudspeaker turns on and the pilot makes the following announcement:

«Today we have a special passenger! If you were a Capital Airlines flight attendant, could you raise your hand?»

Hearing the sentence, surprised and not knowing what was happening, the woman raised her hand. After that, the captain finished his announcement:

«Because your son wants you to know that you are the best mom in the world.»

At the end of the message, the captain is seen walking down the aisle of the plane until he reaches the seat of the woman, who, crying with emotion, welcomes him with a hug and a kiss.

The man gave a gift to his mother, the moment was surrounded by applause and shouts of happiness from all the passengers, who emotionally recorded the tender act.

Michelle’s mother worked as a flight attendant 60 years ago for the now defunct Capital Airlines before its merger with United Airlines, where she met Michelle’s father, who was also a pilot.

Here is the mother’s reaction:

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