«Police Academy» is 39 years old: how the main actors of the cult comedy have changed

It’s been 39 years since the American comedy film «Police Academy» premiered.

Witty jokes, vivid and colorful characters, senseless situations in which the main characters got into, were loved by the audience. «Police Academy» turned out to be so successful that in the future they shot more than one part of the tape. Also on the basis of the film a series was made, an animated series and even a series of comics was released.

We offer a look at what has happened to the actors who played major roles in the film over 39 years.

Steve Guttenberg (Cadet Cary Mahoney)
American actor and producer Steve Guttenberg played one of his iconic roles at age 25.

After the release of the first part of the movie, he became a real star of the 1980s. Later, Steve played in three more parts of «Police Academy». The role of cadet Cary Mahoney brought the actor great popularity, but at the same time he became a hostage of the comic character. After «Police Academy» Guttenberg starred in films of different genres, such as «Two: Me and My Shadow», «Veronica Mars», «Eldorado» and others.

Now the celebrity is 64 years old. He continues to act in films, though rarely. He is married to his young wife Emily.

Kim Catroll (cadet Karen Thompson)
Canadian actress Kim Catroll at the time of filming «Police Academy» was little known. However, the role of cadet Karen brought the 27-year-old actress success and recognition.

Unlike Steve, Kim was not held hostage to one role. After «Police Academy,» Catroll has had many successful roles. She starred in such films as «Robbery», «Return of the Musketeers», «Crazy Honeymoon», «Sex and the City», «Ghost», «How I Met Your Father» and many others.

Kim is now 66 years old. She continues to act in films. The actress has been married three times, but now she is single. Kim has no children.

George Bailey (Lieutenant Tadeusz Harris)
The American actor played the role of the hysterical and vindictive Lieutenant Harris at age 38.

Later, George starred in almost all parts of «Police Academy». The last time the actor appeared was in the American series «The Thing».

At present, he is not starring in movies. George, 77, is involved in the «Children of Light Foundation», which helps children beat cancer. Little is known about the actor’s personal life. He was married, but after 33 years of marriage he separated from his wife. George is raising two children.

George Haynes (Commandant Eric Lassard)
The American actor, who has Ukrainian roots, played the role of Commandant Eric Lassard at age 66.

George played in almost all parts of «Police Academy.» He also played a role in such films as «Fantastic Four,» «The Crucible,» «The Honeymooners,» and others.

On February 15, 2016, Haynes passed away. He died at the age of 99. George was left with two children, a daughter and a son.

Leslie Easterbrook (Sgt. Debbie Callaghan)
The American actress became very popular thanks to «Police Academy,» where she starred at the age of 34.

Leslie starred in almost all parts of the picture. The actress has had roles in other films, such as «Baywatch,» «Halloween,» «Home» and others, but they did not bring her mad success.

At present, Leslie is 73 years old, she rarely appears in movies. The celebrity’s first husband was Victor Golchak, and her second husband was Dan Wilcox.

Marion Ramsey (Cadet Laverne Hooks)
The American actress and singer’s role as Cadet Laverne Hooks, which she played at age 36, brought her insane popularity.

The star appeared in almost all parts of «Police Academy», but she did not have any more iconic movie roles. Meanwhile, the actress developed a singing career and took part in various charity events.

In January 2021, Marion passed away. She passed away at the age of 73.

Michael Winslow (cadet Larvell Jones).
The American actor starred in «Police Academy» at the age of 25. The role brought him insane success, and he also won the title of the man who can imitate sound effects with his own voice.

Michael played in all parts of «Police Academy. However, after the end of the picture, his acting career went downhill. The celebrity had no iconic roles.

Winslow now rarely appears in movies. The actor has been married three times, and has been married to Sharon Larrier since 2003. Michael is now 64 years old.

Bubba Smith (cadet Moses Hightower).
The American actor first had a sports career and after it ended he began an acting career. His greatest success came with the role of Cadet Moses Hightower, which he brought to the screens at the age of 39.

After the filming of «Police Academy,» he mostly played only occasional roles, which did not bring Smith a crazy success.

On August 3, 2011, Bubba passed away. He died at the age of 66.

David Graf (cadet Eugene Tackleberry)
The American actor starred in «Police Academy» at age 33. The role of cadet Eugene Tackleberry brought David insane popularity, and he starred in all seven parts of the film.

After completing the picture, he developed a successful acting career. However, on April 7, 2001, Graf’s life was taken by a heart attack.

At the time of his death, the actor was 50 years old. He is survived by his wife Catherine Graf and two sons, Daniel and John.

Donovan Scott (Leslie Barbara Cadet)
For American actor Donovan Scott, the role of cadet Leslie Barbara, which he realized on the screens at the age of 36, was the most iconic.

After filming «Police Academy,» he had some successful roles in such films as «Psycho 3,» «Back to the Future 3,» «Babylon 5,» and «Bones.»

Now Donovan almost does not appear in films. The actor is 75 years old, and almost nothing is known about his personal life.

Bruce Mahler (Cadet Douglas Fackler)
American actor Bruce Mahler played the role of Cadet Douglas Fackler at the age of 33. He starred in almost all parts of «Police Academy» and developed an acting career after the picture ended.

However, after 2000, Bruce did not act in films, because he officially ended his career. Instead, the actor founded a production company.

Bruce is currently 72 years old. Nothing is known about his personal life, because he does not lead a public lifestyle.

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