Six-month-old baby elephant laughs with joy during the game

It is rarely possible to videotape a laughing elephant. Many people probably don’t even know that elephants can make such sounds.

The video was shot at the Maevang Elephant Camp Reserve in Chiang Mai (Thailand). A Scottish student named Laura-Jane came to Thailand from Aberdeenshire to celebrate the end of graduate school. She hardly expected that she would be able not only to celebrate the successful completion of her studies, but also to accidentally record such a video!

In the video, you can see an employee of the reserve playing with an elephant. An ordinary plastic bucket acts as a toy. Apparently, the baby is delighted with it!

The visitors of the reserve were so impressed by the enchanting sounds made by the elephant that they stood with their mouths open — he was laughing.The baby’s laugh is so contagious that it’s hardly possible to watch this video and not smile yourself!

Lauren-Jane has completed postgraduate studies in geology. So she is doubly pleased to look at the animals in the reserve, which, apparently, feel great, enjoy life and have fun playing.

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