Smiling Puppy: He was very happy to have his own chair.

Franklin is a very cute dog. He was rescued a few years ago, and he thanks his savior every second.

He and the cat are the joy of the house and fill the heart of their owner Lindsay Dyer with love.

Franklin is so grateful that he smiled for hours when Lindsay gave him a seat so he could watch TV next to her.

«He’s a super calm guy. He always wants to be with his family or with his feline friend Bagheera,» the girl explains.

When Franklin sees Lindsay sitting across from him on the couch to work, he immediately sits on her lap and falls asleep.This complicates the work of the girl. That’s when the idea came to allocate him a separate place.

As soon as Lindsay left Franklin’s plushy toy on the seat, he realized that it was a gift for him. It was then that he did not stop smiling for a long time, looked into the camera and gratefully looked at the owner. Finally, he took his place.

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