Social media users collected the necessary amount of money to treat a cat with a dangerous disease

For a U.S. resident named Jill, the year began with the loss of a loved one — her brother died after losing his battle to brain cancer. It doesn’t end easily either — the girl is struggling to keep her cat Ashton alive. The animal has feline infectious peritonitis (FPI), a severe infectious disease caused by an RNA-containing coronavirus that often ends in death. The virus penetrates immune cells and with them spreads throughout the body, affecting the liver, kidneys, spleen, eyes, brain and spinal cord. In recent years, the drug has been used in the United States and some European countries to treat the disease. It has not yet been officially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it has already saved countless lives.

Jill learned from the vet that her cat could still be saved. But the cost of treatment was too high for her. And then she turned to users of social networks with a request to help extend Ashton’s life.

«I’m desperate. He is my whole world,» Jill wrote in one of the groups.

The American woman’s post immediately attracted the attention of animal lovers around the world. And it turned out that many of them would like to send Jill money to pay for the cat’s treatment.

The American woman was contacted by an experienced user with the nickname scholarlyfox. He contacted her to find out details of Ashton’s diagnosis and treatment plan. The man suggested that Jill organize fundraising through a crowdfunding platform and shared the link to it with the group members.

Within hours, the fundraiser reached its goal of $9,000. Jill thanked all the benefactors and promised to account for expenses and tell them how Ashton’s treatment is going.

«It’s a long road, but thanks to you I have hope. I am immensely grateful to each and every one of you,» the American wrote on the collection page.

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