Stolen dog reunited with owners after six years

Caroline and Simon from England lost their dog, Bonnie, in May 6 years ago. No matter how many times they looked for their beloved dog, all to no avail, and after several years they finally lost hope… It wasn’t until recently that the family got a sudden call from the shelter. The owner couldn’t believe what she heard.

It was reported by telephone that Bonnie had been found. She was 320 kilometers from Norfolk, where the couple live, alive and well. As the shelter staff determined, the dog had been stolen for breeding, but despite this, she was feeling and looking well.

«I was checking lost dog websites about two years ago, so it all seemed like a dream to us. I was prepared for Bonnie to look bad, but she looks really good. The vets took wonderful care of her,» says the owner, Caroline.

«No one knows what Bonnie might have gone through. Someone made a lot of money off of her, and it’s very sad. In all these years she has never been examined by a veterinarian. He could have traced her microchip. But we are happy that Bonnie was able to be returned to her owners. This is a wonderful development in this challenging year!» — writes the staff at the Terrington St. John Veterinary Center shelter.

A touching moment of Bonnie’s reunion with her owners:

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