Street cat who lived with a she-cat all his life didn’t leave her in terrible trouble

A heartwarming but somewhat sad story recently took place in South Korea. Everyone knew about the situation, it was even reported on television. But what happened? The following is a detailed story.

The cat Habi and the cat Horang were ordinary animals who lived on the street. The two were always together. These cats were madly in love with each other, felt a strong affection and never parted. People who were in the vicinity often saw this couple eating together, walking and lying in the sunshine. Together is much better than alone and warmer. It’s easier to get through the cold.

One day Horang had an accident. The cat was hit by a car and suffered damage to its hind limbs. In a state of shock, the cat made it to its habitat, lay down, and was no longer able to stand on its paws.

Habi the cat did everything he could to help his beloved friend. He protected her from other animals, brought her food and warmed her with his warmth. Not every person can show such care as this incredible cat. His devotion is astounding.

One day Habi begged for a portion of delicious food from a woman who was selling at the market. She had given the cat more than once and noticed that he was running away with the food. The woman decided to follow and find out where the cat was running to. When she followed him and uncovered his secret, she was moved to tears. It turned out that all this time, Habi had been feeding his helpless friend and taking care of her.

The woman took pictures of the animals. She posted posts on social media and asked for help for the couple. A lot of people who cared responded to these publications. The cats were taken away by representatives of one of the services for the protection of animals. Horang was helped to restore her paws. Also, help was given to Habi.

As this pair became really popular on the net, soon owners were found who decided to take the animals. It is not known whether they ended up with the same owner or live with different people, but in any case the cats are doing well.

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