Street show: Baby doing the Irish dance.

In Ireland, dancing in the street is part of everyday life. In a busy square in Galway, a dancer delighted the audience with her technique and expressive movements. A little girl was watching her.

She felt the rhythm and tried to replicate the dancer’s movements.

The little girl carefully tried to repeat all the dance moves, and it was the cutest scene. She admired the girl dancer, and at some point decided that she could do it too. She’s really cute, and maybe in the future she can really find herself in dance.

The girl encouraged the little girl and she danced until the music ended.
Watch the video below to see their precious performance in the middle of the street. We hope you enjoy it and the positive vibe and energy of the video will transfer to you and make your day brighter. You can also support us by sharing this article with your loved ones, enjoy watching it!

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