The abandoned dog was afraid all the time. Woman spent a few days gaining trust, then showed the change on video

The purebred dog, abandoned by its owners, had completely lost its trust in people. Pitty lived behind a garbage can and was afraid all the time. Volunteers found her and one of them decided to try to regain the dog’s trust. Jenny behaved very cautiously for a few days, and then a video showed how Pitti’s behavior changed.

Who left the purebred dog outside was never found out. But this deed really scared Pitty: she sat behind the bins all the time, getting out only in the dark. Volunteers approached her very cautiously — the animal was constantly shaking from the experience.

Finally they managed to lure Pitty out from behind the crates. She dared to trust the volunteers and persevered through the showers, though she clearly didn’t stop being afraid.

But after a few days, everything changed. Watch the video to see how Pitti now reacts to her new owner:

Unfortunately, large pedigree dogs are often abandoned. Many people simply do not understand their responsibility.

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