The abandoned puppies wouldn’t let go of each other, even after they were rescued.

Two helpless little puppies wandered the streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Their hungry eyes were looking for some food. Passersby passed by indifferently, not paying attention to their suffering.

But one of the kind nuns noticed these little ones and stopped to help them.

The red puppy looked older and more experienced than his black companion. He leaned against the wall, trying to protect himself from the outside world, and with his front paws he hugged his smaller friend tightly, as if protecting him from any harm.

The nun’s heart was filled with compassion and she decided to accept these abandoned puppies into her temple. The babies were finally safe and in the care of loving people.

It is clear that these puppies went through many trials and difficulties, as they did not trust the nuns right away. The red puppy did not want to let go of his little brother and for a long time did not part with him for a single step.

In time, the little ones felt that they were no longer in danger. Under the nuns’ careful care, they began to grow and learn to trust people.

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