The baby came on stage to hug his daddy. At the 27th second he did something that made the audience squeal!

There are times when children perform much better than their parents, but I don’t think moms and dads are against that. Everyone secretly wishes their child was better than they are.

Coffey Anderson the famous country music performer is certainly raising the most wonderful son. 17-month-old Ethan ran out on stage and with one appearance made the audience just gasp.

17-month-old Ethan couldn’t just sit back and watch his dad play the show. He felt the need to be a part of the show, so with his mother’s permission, Ethan joined his father on stage during his cover of Brown-Eyed Girl.

Coffey Anderson enjoyed his son’s performance as much as we did and encouraged him to keep dancing on stage.

The little guy clearly has music in his soul, and he can’t contain it! He ran out on stage to hug his daddy, but immediately felt the music and started dancing!

I must say that Coffey was very well behaved; he did not interrupt the music, but continued to sing as if nothing had happened. One of the best parts of this video is when Ethan walks up to his mom, hands her his pacifier and runs back to the stage. He has dance moves like we’ve never seen before! And the audience immediately expressed their emotions. And when Ethan started dancing… You had to see it!

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