The bear recognized her savior many years later!

It happened in a zoo in New York. This bear was raised by a former employee in childhood. The seemingly wild Sonya could not resist when Jonathan, who no longer works at the zoo, came to visit. It should also be noted that during his absence it has grown a lot. From a little bear cub to a big bear. But such a formidable one, she seemed to melt at the sight of her old friend.

Медведица Узнала Своего Спасителя. Ее Реакция Трогает до Слез! - YouTube

All the employees of this zoo could not remain indifferent and even shed a tear of emotion.

Agree, it’s always nice when an animal shows its attention. We certainly don’t know how this happens, but the fact itself is incredible. Friendship between animals and people is more than real and even wild animals become friendly in this relationship.

Video: Bear lovingly hugs former caregiver in Upstate NY after years apart -

Although Sonya is now 13 years old and 400 pounds, she happily played their old game. As she interacted with Johnathan, he rubbed her belly and paws. The big bear played comfortably like a baby with her daddy.

Orphaned bear reunited with man who raised her as a cub (Video) | New York Post

When Johnathan came to see Sonya at the sanctuary last week, she immediately recognized him upon hearing his voice. She raised her head and ran to the side of the fence. When he went into her enclosure, she gave him lots of love.

In the meantime, let’s watch this video, which was filmed by eyewitnesses. Such a big and wild bear seemed to have become the little bear that Johnathan raised again.

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