The beluga whale splashed women with water, out of jealousy

Animals, too, know how to love and be jealous of their loved ones for others. Tina is a beluga whale who lives in an aquarium in South Korea. When Tina was brought there, it took a while for her to adjust to her new home.

None of the staff could do anything to help, except one man. He helped the white whale through this difficult stage and became her favorite. One day, Tina simply poured water on the female employees. They claim it was all because they were standing next to that very employee.

Tina is very jealous, but next to him, she behaves quite differently. But this is a very bad habit, and so, in order to rid her of this kind of attachment, it was decided to move her to other beluga whales.

So she was able to make new friends and almost completely got rid of feelings of jealousy and attachment.

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