The calf considers itself a dog

Australian couple 52-year-old Coral and 61-year-old Van Elgi own a farm with many inhabitants, where terrible fires raged until recently. Recently, there was a replenishment in their family: Elgi took a small 6-week-old orphaned calf of the Santa Gertrude breed into the house.

Теленок считает себя собакой

Their shepherd dog Bada took care of little Buddy. Bada is 2.5 years old. She is a purebred German Shepherd and recently just gave birth to 11 puppies. An excellent mother easily accepted another twelfth baby.

Теленок считает себя собакой

Buddy easily fit into a new family and acquired dog habits. He waves his tail, sleeps side by side with the puppies and «hangs out» on the veranda, looking at his relatives behind the fence.

Elga’s children Bella, 12, and Lawson, 10, also play with the calf along with the dogs. Buddy, accompanied by Bada, is playing catch-up with the kids.

Теленок считает себя собакой

Coral and Van Elgi say that they consider the calf a member of the family and, of course, there can be no question of any slaughterhouse. However, they will have to tie up with catch-up.After all, very soon a 38-kilogram calf will grow into a bull weighing 800-1000 kg.

In the meantime, the whole friendly family can frolic and enjoy each other’s company.

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