The cat, despite his old age and blindness, did everything to keep the girl out of trouble

There are many beliefs about cats. People believe that these animals can cure diseases as well as predict the future. This has always been the case.

It was such a story and happened to one girl named Alina. She decided to get a cat and went to the shelter. There were a huge number of animals there, all of them had difficult fates. Some of the cats did not want to go with Alina to her home at all.

And then the girl saw a big red cat. He was not young, and Alina wanted a different kind of pet, but still, it was this cat that caught her attention. She approached the cage and stopped beside it. The cat reached out to Alina and mewed, letting herself be petted. Volunteers explained that the cat could not see anything. For several years it had been kept in the shelter. The girl suddenly realized that this cat was meant for her.

Blindness did not prevent the cat from quickly adapting to its new home. Alina’s parents did not approve of their daughter’s pet, but this did not matter to her. Alina immediately fell in love with her new friend. It seemed to her that the cat had some strange abilities. When the girl went to classes, the cat accompanied her, and in the evening it was always waiting at the door, as if it knew in advance exactly when his owner would return. If Alina was in pain, the cat always came and lay down on the sore spot. This always made the pain go away.

At some point Alina planned a trip. A bus ticket had already been purchased, and hotel reservations had also been made. Just before the trip, the girl had a strange dream. In it, a cat was sitting and looking at her with its big green eyes. And a little further away, on the highway, there was an accident. When Alina woke up, she decided that she had to give up her trip. She later found out that the bus she had bought tickets for had crashed on the road. The accident was terrible. At that moment, Alina realized that her cat was really special. That he had unusual abilities.

Several years passed, and the cat came to the rescue of her owner again. Alina was climbing with her buddies. When they took a place for the night right near the mountains, it seemed to the girl that her pet was near her. He was staring at her and pointing at the mountain. The girl even felt the cat bite her.

Alina suggested that her buddies go somewhere else. Just as they did so, a landslide came down the mountain. The rocks hit the tent. Since then, Alina considered the cat her guardian angel. They spent ten years together. The cat accompanied the girl all the way through her life: from marriage to the birth of children.

However, at some point the cat died. It was a big blow for the girl.

Walking home, Alina met the kitten in the street. It had big bright green eyes. Just like she had seen in her dreams many times. So she had a new friend.

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