The cat has traveled halfway around the world to return to his family

An Iraqi family, a mother and five children, was forced to flee the city of Mosul, occupied by terrorists. Of course, they could not help but take another family member with them — a Kunkusha cat of the Turkish van breed.

In November 2017, the family, having made a difficult journey.They arrived on the island of Lesbos, but a new misfortune awaited them there. In the confusion, the cat got scared and jumped out of the boat moored to the shore. Mother and children spent hours searching for him, but in vain.

As a result, the refugees were forced to continue their journey, which eventually ended successfully in Norway.

Meanwhile, Kunkush also had a hard time. The local cats did not take him for their own and terrorized him in every possible way, not allowing him to eat.

Fortunately, this attracted the attention of the volunteers. The humble domestic cat differed from the Greek hooligans both in appearance and behavior.

Animal rights activists guessed that the «aristocrat» most likely arrived on one of the boats with refugees, and decided to take care of him. They posted an ad on the Internet about the found cat in two languages — English and Arabic. A special group was created on social networks and a fundraiser was announced to return the cat to the owners.

And after about a month and a half, the Iraqi family finally contacted the animal protection organization through a social network! The first Skype call: a woman and children are literally crying with happiness. And Kunkush, hearing the voices of his beloved owners, tries to find them behind the laptop monitor.

Kunkush was given the honorary Greek name Dias (Zeus). In Greece, Diaz became a full-fledged citizen of the European Union. He received an EU veterinary passport.

Soon, thanks to the couple who took care of the cat, Kunkush-Diaz made a trip to Berlin, where the search for the owners continued.

Happy reunion.

Now a happy and contented cat is sleeping off in a new house.

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