The cat spent 2 years trying to get his lover’s attention

The story of Sophie and Scotty is the story of two very shy pets meeting. One day when he saw the dressed-up Sophie, Scotty immediately fell in love. He cautiously followed her everywhere, occasionally approaching her and trying not to scare her away. What can polite advances lead to? An eyewitness will tell us.

Sophie was rescued in Boston as a baby. A few months later, she moved to her forever home with a loving human mother. During one of her leash walks, Sophie accidentally found a suitor. The owner recalls:

«The first time, Scotty spied us across the lawn, but kept his distance, trying not to give away his presence. Then he moved his vantage point to the driveway.

So for several weeks, the interested cat secretly admired the cat of his dreams. At first, Sophie was too busy to pay any attention to his admirer. Then Scotty became bolder and began to approach. It was as if he was waiting for an invitation, but in vain. Sophie showed no sign of displeasure, but was in no hurry to make contact either. The situation did not oblige the cat to do anything and she was fine with that.

It was a few weeks before the gentleman officially introduced himself to the lady of his heart. From then on, Sophie never went for a walk without the red-haired boy’s company. He appeared almost immediately and accompanied the lady for the entire walk. Here they sat side by side and acted as if they had known each other for a long time. It seemed that Scotty’s sincere feelings had impressed Sophie!

When the owner wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does is open the front door so the furry princess can look out. There’s a handsome, moustachioed prince waiting for her. They sit and gaze at each other, an obligatory morning ritual. And during the day, Scotty is usually busy repeating everything Sophie does. Together they walk, play and watch the birds. And when they are apart, Scotty follows his beloved’s every move from afar — just as he did two years ago.


After a long period of courtship, the animals have finally declared themselves a couple. Every night the two lovers circle the yard together. If you see a black and white Sophie in a pink harness one day, you know that Scottie, the quiet redhead, is somewhere nearby, literally just a few steps away.

«When Scotty sees us sitting on the veranda, he comes over and waits politely for my girl on the pavement. They look so cute together! Scotty really is the nicest guy in the neighbourhood. All he wants is to be around. And nothing else, well, except maybe… a quick kiss?»

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