The cat waves his paw to the visitors of the shelter. He really wants to find a loving owner

A sociable red cat waves to every person who comes to the shelter. The kid really wants to find a loving owner. The age of the cat is two years. His nickname is Malham. The cat has been in the shelter for the second time.

Malham first came to the shelter in the summer, in June. He got there after the owner abandoned him. The cat was found a new owner, but soon he was back in the shelter, as he did not suit the family.

Malham is a very energetic and playful cat. The animal is characterized by a wayward character and cheerfulness.

In order for the cat not to be bored waiting for a new owner, the shelter workers gave him a lot of toys. Now Malham has something to do. The cat has a large cardboard box with toys of different formats: from toy animals to mazes and towers.

When the workers pass by the glass door with Malham, he waves his paw affably, as if he wants to say «come here, let’s play.» Malham loves to communicate with people and play between sleep and rest. Malham is not shy and is not afraid of people. He reaches out to them with all his soul.

The staff of the shelter is making every effort to find good owners for the cat. Malham will certainly be lucky.

And now this cute and sociable cat spends all his free time with toys. We hope that soon he will have a loving person with whom they will play together and give each other a piece of happiness.

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