The cat wouldn’t stop yelling in the kitchen: the owner was angry, but the cat was yelling for a reason

The cat’s owner was going on vacation, and she asked her brother to look after her pet. The brother decided not to waste extra time traveling around the city, so he moved to her apartment for the duration of the owner’s absence, so that the cat would have company. The first day in the new place the man managed to fall ill — high fever, stuffy nose, bad cough. All he had the strength to do was to fall on his bed and try to sleep.

But the cat didn’t seem to like the man’s idea of sleeping at all. Barely comfortable in bed, the man heard the animal crying. The cat was shrieking. That is why the man gathered his last strength and reached the kitchen, poured food for the animal and poured fresh water. As soon as he returned back to the room, the cat’s cry resumed with the same intensity.

The guy went to the kitchen again, this time he tried calming the cat with meat and petting, and checked the litter box just in case. Finding no reason for the cat to have a tantrum, the man returned to bed. The situation repeated itself — as soon as the man left the kitchen, the cat started screaming.

At some point the man couldn’t take it anymore. After all, his ill health only exacerbated his reaction to the cat’s extremely strange behavior. He chased the cat out of the kitchen with a wet rag, closing the door right in front of the animal’s nose. The cat responded by sitting under the door and started screaming again.

The man realized that he would not be able to sleep, so he decided to make himself some coffee. When he approached the stove, he saw that one of the burners was open, but there was no flame. It turned out that all this time the cat had been trying to warn him about the danger, and not just disturbing his sleep out of spite.

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